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Donald Trump can help you get more blog traffic. I’m serious.

Before you go ANY further, did you, or did you not specifically come to this blog post because the title included “Donald Trump?”

How Donald Trump Could Get You More Traffic

Donald Trump

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Surprise! This isn’t really about Donald Trump. It’s about trending searches and why you should be using them.

Every day, people use the Internet to search for topics. These searches tell us everything we need to know about what’s trending and what’s not. These search trends can be seasonal (Easter, Passover, etc.) as well as special cause-oriented, or related to events that are newsworthy.

Regardless of the reason people are searching, the fact that we can get information about them and use it to our advantage is an awesome thing. Anyone with a blog should harness the power of trending searches.

Google gives insight into trending searches

trending searches

Trending Searches April 15, 2017

The reason I chose to include Donald Trump in the post title is because people are still obsessed with any kind of interesting information they can find about Donald Trump.

Coachella is trending today and yesterday. So is MOAB. And so is Jackie Robinson.

In the last 24 hours, April the Giraffe has been searched over a million times. Sharing content related to April the Giraffe is probably going to get you some notice.

Tip: Search for trending topics on Google Trends.

This insight is useful even if you’re not targeting searchers, specifically. That’s because when something is trending on Google, it is trending everywhere.

Sharing something that’s related to a trending term on one of your social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, is going to get noticed. You might as well publish something on your own blog related to the topic, and then share it.

It’s likely that you are always trying to think of great ideas for posts to publish on your blog. Sharing an opinion, insight, or even just passing along an infographic related to something newsworthy is an awesome idea.

3 Ways to To Attract Your Target Audience To Your Blog With The News

1. Create a blog post that uses a trending topic in the title.

While my blog post’s title was just to make a point and really has nothing to do with Donald Trump, I can get away with it this time, because my post is specifically about using trending news to get blog traffic. On your own blog, post valuable content about the topic and give your readers the satisfaction of getting what they thought they would. Opinions, additional information, a different perspective, photos, and videos are all great ways to

Fashion industry. If you’re a fashion designer, write about trends in fashion. Don’t write about things you think are trending. Use Google trends to tell you what’s trending or not. Twitter can also help you see what is trending right on their main search page.

Real estate industry. If you’re into real estate, write about real things that are happening in your community – only things that are in the news, though. Keep it trendy. Write about new employers coming into the neighborhood, crime trends, or very controversial topics. Add your take on them. Or, ask people for their opinions.

Health/fitness industry.If you are into health or fitness, then write about your experience with trending products. REVIEWS ARE HUGE (just like capital letters are). Writing a personal review about a trending product is one of my number one tips for anyone in the health or fitness industry. Period. End of story.

The title counts. The title is probably what got you to this post. See? It works.

2. Share current events in your industry on LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, which is the largest professional social network ever, you can share posts in your feed that get seen by everyone who follows you, and many other people, too.

Share content that is meaningful to your specific target audience and trending. Always include your opinion on it. If you do, you’re likely to get some feedback, good or bad.

It’s okay to just share content that you’ve found, as long as it’s also related to trending topics. Generally, if what you share is controversial enough or intriguing enough, you will get visits to your profile. That’s how you can bring people back to your blog just by sharing content. Your profile should ALWAYS have an easy-to-see link to your website or blog (like mine does).

Tip: How to share things on LinkedIn.

3. Reply to relevant, trending hashtags on Twitter.

Yes, Twitter is still hanging in there as an incredibly easy-to-use and somehow-still-relevant social network, and it’s still just as easy to build a tribe there. By following trending hashtags and jumping into conversations, you can attract your target audience in a fun, casual way.

hashtags for donald trump

Twitter is just as useful for business-to-consumer companies as it can be for business-to-business companies.

If you do go this route, try really hard to maintain professionalism if you get replies that aren’t friendly to you. And try not to be a troll. If you’re not sure what a troll is, here you go.

Tweets that are interesting will earn you profile visits and clicks back to your blog, especially if your Twitter bio is equally interesting (you can hire me to make yours more interesting).

Tip: Pin a tweet to a news story that you’ve published on your blog while you are joining in the conversation. This will attract more visitors to your site.


I wrote this post to get your attention, and I did. Okay, so the truth is I didn’t get your attention – Trump did and the fact that so many people are still interested in news about him and his presidency helps bigly. Hopefully you can see the connection and how you can use trending searches to your advantage on your blog.

I won’t go into my opinion on Trump at all here. I will just say, thank you, Mr. Trump, for getting some traffic to my new blog! I owe you a Starbucks. Next time I’m in D.C.!